Bursary Fund Management

ELLE Bursary Fund Management

In an effort to reduce the financial burden of poor families in financing secondary education, the government established the Secondary Education Bursary Fund (SEBF) 1994 by a presidential decree. Despite the implementation of the SEBF, the country still experiences problems such as low transition rates from primary to secondary schools and rising cases of dropouts. Every year, many students who perform well nationally and are called to National schools are not able to transition due to lack of fees.

Our mission is to be a facilitator between the needy students and National schools, ensuring that deserving needy students who have earned a place in these schools will get the opportunity to benefit from a good education through donor funding.

Project Objective 

To bridge the gap between donors, beneficiaries and learning institutions, ensuring all parties are provided with transparency in monitoring of funds by centralizing donor management activities. This shall be achieved through the following stages:

Stage one 

  • Work with the Principal’s office in identifying the needy students who are not able to report to the school due to lack of fees.
  • Establish processes of means and proficiency of prospective recipients of Donor assistance in evaluation
  • Advise Donors on the selected students and highlight the students’ background and current performance.
  • Co-ordinate feedback from Donors on the proposed students’ selection. This will inform which students have qualified for the bursary programme.
  • Co-ordinate signature of performance contracts by recipient pupils. Such contracts will stipulate terms and conditions for one to remain in the programme. The conditions include commitment to levels of discipline, academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities.
Lenana Boys

Stage Two 


  • At the end of each term, a template signed by the school’s guidance counsellor will be provided, detailing the all-round performance of the student.
  • At the end of each term, a summary report will be provided to the donor with details of the students’ academic performance.
  • At the end of each term, the guidance and counselling teacher will give a report on each student with the checklist on discipline, academic performance, and participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Donors will receive an end-of-year report summarising the status of Donor’s activities: where we are, where we have been, and what the current situation is as we move to the next year. This will include:

Yearly performance report

Financial summary report of the year gone, including transport, uniform and any other expenses incurred

Financial report and fees structure for the next year

Stage 3 

Mentorship Programmes

The Donor programme is not merely about academic issues. The social and emotional health of recipients is also critically important. Our aim is to have a minimum of two mentoring sessions per term involving alumni (old boys and girls) of the school, especially those that went through a bursary programme. We encourage a mentorship programme during the school terms (i.e., academic trimesters) as well as internship during holidays, especially for the fourth formers.

We also encourage the former students of the school to open their businesses to these Recipient students who have completed fourth form. There is normally a one-year break before the students join university. In this way, the boys and girls will benefit from different experiences which will better prepare them for life after school, college years, and other further education.

What we promise

ELLE Bursary Fund Management wishes to leverage her many years of experience to assist Donors, needy Pupils and learning institutions to collaborate seamlessly and to provide beneficial outcomes for all parties through regular and reliable communication. There certainly are gifted but needy pupils all over Kenya. There are willing and eager donors, and under-funded schools are eager to have clear terms of engagement for all parties.

Our services will provide clear communication, Donor satisfaction and peace of mind as well as enablement and security to some of the most needy families and talented children in our society.