About Us

ELLE Limited is a service sector company specialised in project management, bursary fund management, operations support, and organising memorable events for clients. ELLE recognises the significance of cultural pride, cultural heritage, social unity, youth empowerment, support for the elderly, and celebration of life-defining events.

To consistently deliver value-driven, bespoke services that suit the uniqueness and peculiarities of each client’s needs.

Relationships ∞ Confidentiality ∞ Reliability ∞ Compassion


Elle Events Ltd has an array of products that are aligned to the journey of life: memorable moments, education and growth, reuniting past social groups, and giving dignified care to the elderly.


Defining Life Moments

We offer end-to-end planning services to help you celebrate key events that matter in your personal and social life. These include but are not limited to: last journey planning, commemorative birthdays, retirement parties, and other social events.


Giving Back to Look Back

We bridge the gap between donors, beneficiaries and learning institutions, ensuring all parties are provided with transparency in monitoring of funds by centralising donor management activities. Our services provide clear communication, donor satisfaction and peace of mind while enabling talented children from needy families to access high-quality education.


Reunite, Reconnect, Re-Energise

We manage large-scale reuniting events e.g., school alumni events, college reunions, SACCO reunions, clan get-togethers, church reunions among others.


Relax, Reward, Rejuvenate

We provide compassion, companionship and comfort to elderly or special-needs persons to help them enjoy life. This service complements professional medical care and includes recreational activities, exercise routines, home entertainment, excursions, and leisure trips.

Lead Consultant & Founder

Lorraine Kirigia is an independent business consultant with 20 years of professional experience in sales, marketing and parallel commercial activities. A natural communicator, she has honed her strengths in leadership, communication, strategy, fundraising and marketing, and prides herself in the ability to connect and network in order to get things done.

Prioritising the maintenance of a secure and stable working environment for others, Lorraine is able to achieve objectives and progress even when conditions are challenging. Those that have worked with her in the past know her as reliable, trustworthy and loyal. Unable to take no for an answer, she is tenacious, ready to dive into the most challenging projects.